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2018 - Present

PETER THOMAS ROTH is a 25-year-old heritage brand that strives to innovate and create some of the most efficacious formulas on the market. With their own private lab and manufacturing facility, Peter Thomas Roth constantly sets the bar for first-to-market technology across all skincare channels. PTR innovates formulas - now it's my turn to innovate design.

While at PTR, I have worked on major global skincare launches, the support and renovation of our core collections, and the full overhaul redesign of our PRO STRENGTH collection. My team and I do it all from packaging, campaign visuals, social media assets, and digital marketing support. 

CLEAN Fragrances

2014 - 2015

CLEAN is a lifestyle beauty brand that promises intuitive products that capture the essence of simplicity. Clean is more than a name, it's our promise. 

At CLEAN, we believe in making the most of every moment. We choose to fill each day with our favorite things, people, rituals – the perfect pleasures in life. We also believe happiness is knowing that the smartest things are often the simplest. So at CLEAN, we promise to give you everything you need and nothing more. We make products that are high-performance, intuitive, and on the cutting edge of smart simplicity. We reinvent the essentials to bring you perfect solutions. 


2014 - 2019


2011 - 2014


2014 - 2015


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